Colder: Toss The Bones (Volume #3) Comic Book Review

When a mysterious madman returns to claim Boston's sanity, Declan Thomas can only fight him by fulfilling a dark prophecy. With each step, with each use of his abilities, with every ounce of effort he gives to hold onto his sanity, he grows colder. Step by step, moment by moment, closer and closer to zero. With his body failing and his sanity crumbling, Declan balances between falling into madness and falling onto a dinner plate, because Nimble Jack is back, he's hungry, and to him sanity is just a matter of degrees.

I've been AWOL from comic reading for few days due to doing some Very Important Things, like crying over Elliana leaving Dance Moms and watching Brendan Urie Vine compilations so I'm sorry about that. I finally managed to pick up Colder: Toss The Bones tonight and all I need to know know is: WHEN IS THE SEQUEL RELEASED?

Toss The Bones picks up where The Bad Seed left off, you really can't skip any volumes in this series and nor should you need to - there's only 5 issues in each volume. In this volume The Joker... wait sorry, Nimble Jack is back, and he's hungry. Again. I've seen less hungry people in Asian food eating contests but anyway.

I'm pretty sure there is indeed 5 issues in this series but this one went much, much quicker for me. Not a lot happened either - the previous volume went through Declan's history before seeing him finish of Swivel in one of the greatest comic book battles I've seen but this went at a slower pace, having Nimble Jack follow Declan and his girlfriend (whose name escapes me).

There's still plenty of creepiness though, as this volume's theme is suicidal pigeons. Dogs feature quite heavily too, both creature killing themselves off in ways that would have given me nightmares as a kid. These days, I have Facebook. We go back to The Hungry World, too, with a few new monsters to scream at. Not as much gore at Volume 2 however.

Toss The Bones ends with another epic battle, this time between Declan and Nimble Jack. As The Hungry World has very little colour, the colour coming from Jack and Declan during the fight scene was seriously epic. So, so gorgeous. The ending will get you. The very last panel changes everything, potentially forever and is the biggest cliff hanger I've seen in a comic. I NEED TO KNOW WHEN THE NEXT SEQUEL IS.


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