Colder: The Bad Seed (Volume #2) Comic Book Review

Declan Thomas is a former inmate of an insane asylum that was destroyed by fire. He has the strange ability to step inside a person's madness. Sometimes he can cure it. One day, he hopes to cure his own. 

Life goes on for Declan Thomas after his deadly encounter with the psychotic Nimble Jack, but Declan's strange powers continue to develop, offering him a profound connection with the nature of insanity. Little does he know that the malevolent Swivel wishes to pick up where Nimble Jack left off!

I gave the first volume of this series, Colder, 5 stars so I was a little wary about this one. Experience has taught me that sequels can often be dire. This volume did take me a bit longer to get into, as it focussed more on gore rather than weird, with the demon (demon? no idea what any of these things are) Swivel wandering around Boston with a plant pot, cutting peoples fingers off. However I soon got into the swing of things when we went back into the Hungry World.

I'm pretty sure Colder: The Bad Seed just broke the world record for "Comic Book With The Most Amount Of Fingers Chopped Off".  It's very hard to explain why fingers help Swivel grow crazy people but you just have to roll with it. On the plus side, we get a lot more of Declan's back story and why Nimble Jack made him cold in the first place.

I wasn't a huge fan of gore over weird. I like weird. The weirder the better. Thankfully the Hungry World provided plenty of weird, although not a lot of it was new. Still it was trippy and cool and there was plenty of weird finger action, so I was happy with that. The ending brings back a familar face, which if you've seen the hugely spoilery cover of issue 5, won't come as a surprise. I look forward to volume 3!


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